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"Their stories will inspire you, and some will break your heart ... Her compelling book is a passionate validation of life on those margins, a celebration of how far determination can go in tapping possibilities crouching in the shadows." – Edward J. Boyer, Los Angeles Times (retired)


Don't Print That! : Giving Teens the Power of the Press tells the story of L.A. Youth, where, from 1988 to 2013, teens in Los Angeles had a unique opportunity to publish their own stories in a newspaper by and about teens distributed throughout Southern California. 

Taking on such issues as involuntary hospitalization of "troublesome" teens, police abuse, and homelessness; sharing experience with racial discrimination, life on the streets and incarceration; and reporting on news of the day, the teens learned first hand the power of the press and the responsibilities that come with free speech.

It wasn't easy -- money was always short, workspace always cramped -- but for 25 years, L.A. Youth gave teens a rare public voice.

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